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Save our Soul

John Leech and friends sending out an SOS for soul music worldwide



Why SOS?

Over my many years as a professional radio presenter, I’ve seen so many big radio stations abandon their soul music programmes
This is usually the result of radio targeting just the mainstream market. Most stations have become a “brand” in which, soul music does not fit their criteria.

And yet, I’ve proven so many times that there is a big and loyal audience, who love listening to well-produced soul music shows

I will continue to make award-winning soul music programmes, for my loyal listeners, far and wide, albeit on various platforms. The mission is to Save our Soul and to help preserve the heritage of the music we love. To promote and support soul music artists, who are mostly ignored by the big radio stations. These independent artists from both The UK and the USA, are struggling to make any income, from their artistic creative talent.

If you feel that you would like to be part of this project and support the John Leech save our soul Mixcloud channel, you will be helping me, to continue my work, and you will also be helping the artists, that I play on my programmes.

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There are many different ways that you  can support Johns  Friday night show  online.

Here are the various ways to help him, in his work.

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You can choose what best suits you.

Whether you are able to financially send a gift or not,

a sincere thank you for being part of what we do, and for your continued passionate support of my work.

God’s Big Love and Blessings to you



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